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Criminal Defense

If you or a loved one is facing criminal charges, the consequences can result in time in prison, steep fines, and a bad record that will follow you. Whether this is your first time being accused or your fifth, you want an attorney to represent you in the most effective way possible in order to fight the charges.
The prosecution always has the burden of proving their allegations beyond a reasonable doubt. This is a tough standard, but one that Arizona prosecutors are able to meet every day. You want a private attorney who is going to defend and protect your rights. Belmonte Law Firm will fight your case and expose the weaknesses in the prosecutor’s case. An attorney familiar with the Arizona criminal process can advise you on the possible punishments and develop a strong defense strategy. If you need to speak with an Arizona criminal defense attorney about your legal concerns, call the Belmonte Law Firm at (602) 753-5383 and schedule a free consultation.

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I am being charged a misdemeanor. What happens now?

Arizona law recognizes three classes of Misdemeanors:

I am being charged a Felony. What happens now?

Arizona law recognizes six classes of Felonies. The punishment for a person with no prior felony convictions are:


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